At the bottom of a rabbit hole is a being, limbs curled in and around as if asleep and dreaming. Or, perhaps, they are awake, and the world is dreaming. Here, in these liminal depths, the mundane becomes transient, and the mind is made material.

Welcome to my site, a collection of the weird and magical things I come up with and force into the physical realm. Enjoy your stay.

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Here There Be Rabbits!

After long last, the Rabbits are back, this time in guidebook format. At just under 200 pages, the book will include full-page reproductions of each card artwork paired with an explanation of its symbolism and various interpretations,…
photo credit Mike Petrucci

On new beginnings

I’ve lived in Boston for a year, and it feels like I’m only just starting to develop my sea legs, despite all the chaos that has been my life these past few months. The past year has been one of chaos and heartache, survival and very little…