Familiarus Personae
Linoleum Relief Prints with Metallic Ink, 2016

My work and my life are both largely cerebral; I am caught up in concepts of spirituality and mysticism, life and death. The medium I work in, relief printmaking with linoleum, is a positive and constructive outlet for a few of my own personal demons. The detailed focus required to carve out my intricate graphic lines is an incredibly valuable act of self care, and gives me a real sense of accomplishment when I can see that my struggles lead to something beautiful. For the body of work Familiaris Personae, I am examining the soul of different animals that are associated with witches, individuals cast out of society for their self-knowledge and extraordinary inner power. Each of these animals feels like an extension of myself: the rabbit is my anxiety and inspiration; the cat is my introspection and fatigue; the magpie is my selfishness and intelligence; the goat is my stubbornness and integrity; and the frog is my gender dysphoria and adaptability. Each holds both weakness and strength, as do my identities as a disabled and queer being.