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Update from the Abyss

Holy hiatus, Batman! It’s been an entire year since I promised the Leporcalia guidebook, and that still hasn’t happened. This past year has been, for lack of a better phrase, The Worst. I lost my day job, my chronic illness worsened and I now use a cane, had to move because my old building had […]

Here There Be Rabbits!

After long last, the Rabbits are back, this time in guidebook format. At just under 200 pages, the book will include full-page reproductions of each card artwork paired with an explanation of its symbolism and various interpretations, and some rabbity spreads to get you started reading Tarot. All current owners of the first edition deck […]

On new beginnings

I’ve lived in Boston for a year, and it feels like I’m only just starting to develop my sea legs, despite all the chaos that has been my life these past few months. The past year has been one of chaos and heartache, survival and very little else. I made next to nothing; I didn’t […]