Instincts of a Fearful Body
Digital, 2015

Cover design for a friend’s novel-length fanfic.
Instincts of a Fearful Body
Red Lotus!Korra x Equalist!Asami
Rating: Teen
Length: 40k+ (In-Progress)

Successfully kidnapped as a child, Korra grew up as a member of the Red Lotus. Finally, she’s come to Republic City to observe Amon’s Equalist Revolution. Zaheer’s case study goes further off-track, however, the longer they stay.

After Hiroshi’s death at the hands of a bender, Yasuko Sato raised Asami in the midst of the burgeoning Equalist movement. Their hard work is finally coming to fruition in Amon’s hands, but Asami finds herself struggling with the direction the movement has taken.

Fic by emirael and skyedancer-rae
Read it here. tvtropes page here.